The Philippines has the largest market size as a base for call centers. In 2014, a new company entered this place full of opportunity, AHGS NEXT Inc. Mr. Hayakawa, a young leader heading the company, has had a unique career; a junior high school graduate with no experience in overseas business. Keeping in mind the importance of concepts such as “Dream”, “Passion”, and “Colleague”, he started a call center business, and his magnificent vision and closely thought-out strategy sets the company apart its competitors. We will introduce his thoughts for the business and vision of AHGS NEXT Inc.

―Please tell us what your business does.

Our business is BPO (business process outsourcing) including call centers. We have offices on Cebu Island, the Philippines, and Japan, and provide BPO services such as customer support by phone, business proxy service, interpretation service using the internet, and data entry service using the computer, for many companies.
Starting with 3 staff members at establishment, we now have more than 100 Japanese and Filipino employees all together. Our main clients are Japanese leading communication companies and human resource business companies. Also, we manage an English education school and Japanese education school through the group company that we established on Cebu Island.

―There are many competitors in the Philippines, which is called a major power in call centers. What are your strengths and features?

Although Cebu Island is our overseas office, many Japanese operators with rich experience and great achievements are always on duty, so call center service for Japan can be managed with higher quality than that of companies in Japan. Some of our Filipino staff are fluent in English as well as Japanese and work in the call center business in English, so we are planning to develop business for English-speaking countries around the world.
By providing English training for Japanese staff, and Japanese training for Filipino staff, we will make a stronger effort to develop human resources that can succeed overseas and are valuable worldwide.

―You are putting a lot of effort into language education, what is the goal?

We have an interpretation section in the call center business. It receives many inquiries as the human resource there can deal with languages such as Japanese, English and Tagalog, and the interpretation service is expected to expand in the future. Therefore, by constructing the system to respond to multiple languages, we are aiming to create a call center that can be accepted globally.

―What is another of your strengths?

Vision and strategy. Many companies are doing call center and BPO business in the Philippines including on Cebu Island. Among them, we believe that we have stronger will and passion to achieve our vision.
We had nothing when we moved to Cebu Island to pursue our dream, and established the company. Every single member including me at the top, had the strong thought “We will definitely be a success in this business on Cebu Island!”, and has been working toward it. On the other hand, as well as mental development, we are building our strategy accurately and putting it into effect, which has made us grow like this.