Dualtap International Co., Ltd.

You want to research, compare, and invest in real estate property throughout Asia. However, Japan has few companies that can meet your needs. Dualtap International, established five years ago and growing rapidly since then, is a firm that can break through the barriers. We interviewed Mr.Usui, the CEO of Dualtap International, about the history of the company, the reasons for its success, and its goals for the future.

―Could you give us an overview of Dualtap and what it does?

Our company belongs to the Dualtap Group of general real estate investment companies. Our parent company, Dualtap Co., Ltd., was founded in 2006 and handles all aspects of the investment apartment market in Tokyo: the purchasing of land, development, sales, management, and operation. Dualtap International was created in 2012 as a wholly-owned subsidiary, and we manage the group’s overseas operations.

Dualtap International offers three main services. First, we provide investment support for properties in Japan. We provide apartment and offices, mostly in Tokyo, to overseas investors. Our main products are luxury apartments, offices, and for some customers, entire buildings. And it should be noted that the properties that Dualtap plans and develops on its own also receive support from selective overseas investors.

Secondly, we provide investment support for properties in other parts of Asia. We mainly introduce Japanese investors to properties in Malaysia and Thailand, as well as other countries in Asia. We also provide support for purchases, management, and sales.

Lastly, we offer is building management services in other parts of Asia. We manage leases and maintain buildings, mainly for properties in Malaysia, through a local subsidiary, Dualtap Building Management Sdn Bhd. (Approximately 4,200 properties in Malaysia).