LeaGLO Co., Ltd., a successful job-hunting preparatory school managed on the basis of three keywords: coaching, global, and will, and short-term oversea internships conducted in Singapore, where striking economic growth is ongoing. The students involved in their education and coaching have gained many unofficial job offers from companies that are hard to get into, such as listed companies and superior small-to-medium-sized companies, and have a good reputation. Recently, requests for employment support and employee training have been rapidly increasing from companies that are paying attention to the results. We asked President Hirofumi Ueda, who is promoting “creating new value and new common sense” as a theme, about the secret of success, thoughts for business, and about the circumstances of business startups.

―Please tell us about your business lineup.

We currently provide two services; “job-hunting preparatory school” and “oversea internships.” Also, for companies, we conduct human resource (employment/ training) consulting.

The job-hunting preparatory school we manage is a job-hunting coaching service that uses a coaching skill based on original neurolinguistics programing, and is named “GBA (Global Branding Ambition)“. While general job-hunting support sets a goal of obtaining an unofficial job offer from so-called “superior company,” “GBA” places importance on “will education.” Starting from discovering a purpose in life, we give advice on finding the way to realize it, one on one. Additionally, it is also characterized by placing importance on a global viewpoint. Japanese companies have difficulties to grow only in Japan in this era. Therefore, I think it is essential for students to think about things from a global, especially Asian, point of view.

The greatest effect that GBA provides is that students find their own potential and change their goal setting. “Students who underestimated themselves find their real potential.” “Students who were trying to enter big companies because of what other people wanted find their will and reset their goals for venture companies.” These are just some examples of how they get to where they should be. When they search for company in that state, matching goes smoothly and the probability to get an unofficial job offer will become higher. So far, we have provided 10,000 coaching sessions to about 500 students, mainly in the Kansai area, and, as a result, we have managed to attain many unofficial job offers from companies that are tough to get into, including growing venture companies and companies listed on the First Section of the Stock Exchange. We are confident that we have the best results in West Japan for job-hunting support.

―What makes it possible to change awareness and goal setting?

We value how much we prepare to face to interviews with students so much. That’s why we can conduct coaching from each student’s point of view. We do not tell them what to do arrogantly to force our ideas on them. While listening carefully what kind of life each has been leading, we give them advice suited to their unique situation. So, even students who have been made to participate by their parents or friends find their awareness changing. For sports, the coach is said to be important, and the same is true for job-hunting. At “GBA,” for students who are blocking their potential, saying “my educational history isn’t good” and “I only have this kind of experience,” we try to attain goals together including strategy/tactics to reach the goal and establishment of the right mind set. Although the job consumes a huge amount of energy, it is really worthwhile for me to be close to the turning point of their life called job-hunting.